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A concept note for discussion

Posted by caridad en mayo 1, 2007

Sigo con atención sus publicaciones, que me mantienen actualizado sobre los temas más importantes en América Latina y en el mundo”. Alejo Molinari,

Director del PT-ADERASA, Buenos Aires, 9.2.07.  

IntroductionAlejo Molinari reads Boletin de Noticias news to be updated on the most important issues on water and sanitation in
Latin America and the rest of the world.
More than 40,000 policy makers, sector professionals and information specialists are also using Source as their primary tool to inform themselves on water and sanitation issues and access related sites on the Internet.


Since 1998, Source News Service provides news digests in English, French, Spanish and Japanese on the WASH sector. Currently, 8.400 people are subscribed to the electronic version of Source.  The service aims to regularly update all stakeholders about the latest sector trends and policies, relevant new resources, innovative practices and lessons learned. Presently, Source is a global news service with regional editions for Latin America and
Western Africa.
 However, to cope with the growing need of information in
Latin America and particularly in Bolivia CGIAB requested IRC in January 2007 to translate articles from Source Weekly to be used in “Todo sobre Agua”.  “Todo sobre Agua is a newsletter produced by CGIAB (Comisión para la Gestión Integral del Agua en
Bolivia), an alliance of public and private institutions and research centres involved in water and sanitation issues.

The objective of the
Latin America regional programme is to contribute substantively to the achievement of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) related MDG’s. To achieve this, the programme promote and support the development of the sector capacity for information and knowledge management and learning activities through the development and strengthening of regional, sub-regional and national networks and platforms. By disseminating IRC/RCD experiences in “Todo sobre Agua” and its radio program it is expected that links between CGIAB network can be strengthened and that RCD experiences in
Bolivia and other GPS members can better be understood.
The experience also generates many interesting elements for further learning and knowledge development on innovative communication channels.  This concept note proposes to help CGIAB in the production of “Todo sobre Agua” newsletter and its radio programme and benefit from working together in the 2nd half of 2007.   In June 2007 as part of the new phase approved by CGIAB’s council, this institution will start a radio program with the idea of debating on the issues published in their newsletter “Todo sobre Agua”.Objectives

  1. Strenthen the content of Source and Boletin de Noticias with field stories (interviews, case studies, etc) from
  2. Facilitate dissemination of Source Bulletin and Boletin de Noticias in
    Bolivia including IRC’ s experiences and concepts in the region

Sinergies with the Regional Programme in
Latin America:

1. La Comisión para la Gestión Integral del Agua en Bolivia (CGIAB) is a network of public and privite institutions and universities linked to water issues to promote public policies in water management resources. This Network comprises most of IRC main partners in Bolivia: Agua Sustentable, Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Regional (CIDRE), Programa de Manejo Integral de Cuencas (PROMIC), Componente de Asistencia Técnica del Programa Nacional de Riego (PRO AGRO/GTZ), Centro de Levantamientos Aeroespaciales y Aplicaciones SIG para el Desarrollo Sostenible de los Recursos Naturales (CLAS) de la Universidad Mayor de San Simón, El Centro Andino para la Gestión y uso del agua de la Universidad Mayor de San Simón (CENTRO AGUA), Laboratorio de Hidráulica de la Universidad Mayor de San Simón (LH), Fundación SOLON, Centro de Investigación y Promoción del Campesinado (CIPCA), Foro Boliviano del Medio Ambiente (FOBOMADE) , Acción Cultural Loyola (ACLO), Faunagua, Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (SENAMHI),  el Consorcio para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Ecoregión Andina (CONDESAN), Centro de estudios superiores de la universidad mayor de San Simón (CESU), Instituto de hidráulica e hidrología (IHH).Through CGIAB and its communication means, RCD initiative will have a better opportunity to disseminate in
Bolivia. As example the interviews will be related to:
1. Resource centres experiences in Agua Tuya2. A profile of a local government professional.  For GPS:

  1. CGIAB should become a member and contributor of the Latin American newsletter inventory planned by the GPS
  2. Feedback of the results from CGIAB

Expenses will jointly born by IRC and CGIAB, RCD and the GPS group. The total support for the period 2007 is € _______(I expect 500 euros will do to support CGIAB with the interviews) 

Todo sobre Agua NewsletterIs a national newsletter for the sector in
Bolivia with a careful selection of relevant news from the international English version, and is distributed by email and on the web site.  “Todo sobre Agua has an audience of _______________
 Target GroupThe target group of “Todo sobre Agua” is composed by professionals working with national and sub-national stakeholders at the Andean region.  (I will ask Ida from CGIAB to add more) 

Frequency and format[1]The frequency of “Todo sobre Agua is monthly”. IRC’s contribution is also expected to be sent monthly and in Spanish. Approximately 20% of news items out of a total of __( Ida from CGIAB to add more)items will relate to international news from Source Weekly.  International articles are digests from regional events, publications, funding opportunities, lessons learnt, vacancies, and so on. 

Financial requirements 
Activities CGIAB IRC
Local transportation for 2 interviews in
  500 Euros
Human Resources/time
Review of the regional newsletter inventory and evaluation of Boletín de Noticias (CGIAB)  2 days/year  
selection and summarising interviews and articles (CGIAB)  2 day/year  
Editing of the translated news into Spanish    2 days/year
selecting and editing or translating into Spanish an article from IRC’s     4 days/year
Provide information/documentation on events/training/reports for the staff in CGIAB and IRC on audio tools  1 days/year  

The total financial requirement for the period 2007 is € 500 .This contribution will be used to support the above mentioned activities: 




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